What is Tales of Nalstone?

 Tales of Nalstone is an experimental animation project featuring an epic tale of war, hope and renewal based in the menacing world of Nalstone. This project is under research and development exploring alternative methods of creating content such as films and games.

I invite you to create your own projects utilizing the assets in the library and you have permission to use these assets for profit purposes. This is ideal for indie artists or game developers who need generic assets for their own projects.

I wish you great success! Don’t forget, you can visit my channel at www.youtube.com/talesofnalstoneteam for free online tutorials as well as real time studio streams to help you get a feel for what it’s like to work in a professional environment.


Coaching and Commission Enquiries

As a professional, I’m committed to quality work so I prefer to take my time in projects to help clients with their business objectives. This means there are a limited number of clients per month (1-4 clients) I can serve. Pricing is custom fit for each client and typically involves an in-depth meeting to explore a client’s current circumstances and usually requires upfront payment for service.

Personal 1 on 1 coaching is also available for those who need training in the areas of motion graphics, video editing, 3d animation, rigging, modelling, texturing or sculpting. Coaching can range between casual weekly lessons or hardcore boot camps to get you up to a working level as fast as you can handle it. As with all pricing, these are custom tailored to each individual and there are limited slots per month due to time constraints.

All enquiries may be sent to info@talesofnalstone.com

Easy-to-read Licensing and Conditions of Use

Please also read the detailed Terms and Conditions


– Use the assets for private or commercial projects. This includes games, animations and motion graphics projects. Assets are royalty free and you don’t need to pay additional costs other than the subscription to download.

– Create amazing games and package the compiled assets in with your game packages and sell to your hearts content.

– Profit off these assets by creating original works such as games and animations.

– If you deem it fit, you may use the credit text below.

Additional Assets from Tales of Nalstone


Additional Assets by Yun Khang Lai



– Resell any of the assets in part or in whole unless stated above. This includes “stock” websites or packaging the assets for stock purposes even if the package includes other assets.

– Use bots to mass download assets on the site. The assets are there on an as needed basis.

– Use the models and textures to print 3d toys for profit purposes. You will need a custom license for this.

If you would like a custom license or agreement tailored to your project with fewer restrictions or if you need more details on specific situations, drop us a line at info@talesofnalstone.com. Enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Tales of Nalstone?

A: This is an experimental animation project currently under research and development that explores alternative means of content creation. The story itself is an epic tale of war and renewal based in Nalstone inhabited by cunning mouse and mighty rat. As long as history has been written, both races have been locked in a devastating war against one another. While the project is currently under experimentation, assets are now available for use in your own projects.


Q: What does the website offer?

A: On this website, there are links to various tutorials available on the YouTube channel. The Asset Library contains many assets you will see in Tales of Nalstone which you may use for profit. See the licensing terms.


Q: Do I gain ownership of the assets I download?

A: No, ownership does not transfer to you when you download or purchase a subscription. You have freedom to utilize the assets for profit purposes within reason however.


Q: I’d like to use the assets for a project but the permissions don’t allow it for my unique circumstances. Can I ask for custom licensing for my project?

A: Yes! These are handled on a case by case basis. If you have a project that may require a customized license, send a message to info@talesofnalstone.com.


Q: What can I do with these assets?

A: Get creative! Many find assets like these suitable for indie game development or animations.


Q: Why are Tales of Nalstone characters not available for use?

A: Tales of Nalstone is currently undergoing research and development and character models relating to Tales of Nalstone are not released for public use at this time.


Q: What formats are included in the assets?

A: Most assets include multi format file types available for use with most 3d applications. Formats included are typically MB (Maya 2012 and above only), OBJ, FBX and various texture files including PSD files.


Q: Can I contribute to the Asset Library?

A: At this stage there are no plans to work with contributors.


Q: Is a “continual” active subscription required to use the assets?

A: Nope! Subscription offers access to the assets. Once downloaded, you may continue using them for your projects. Don’t forget to backup!


Q: Are there limits to how many projects I can use the assets for?

A: There are no project limits. Any restrictions are outlined in the “Conditions of Use” above.


Old Fence Thick

Old thick fence. MB, OBJ, FBX, Diffuse, Normals.

Character Texturing and Rendering

This is Character Texturing and Rendering, I will show you how to texture your character, light your subject and send your render for post production. At the end of this process, we should have an appealing, presentable still image ready for you to show off to the world.